Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas pjs

Big brother little sister

big brother little brother


Daddy being silly with some of the kids
Every year the "elves" leave nice new pj's and a book Christmas eve morning so everyone matches and looks nice and neat Christmas morning.  I've made them all most years although this year I cheated and only made the boys and mine and my hubby's- I found the girls nightgowns (WITH A doll nightgown too!) on black Friday for around $6 each so I couldn't pass them up.  They happened to match perfectly with the red snowflake flannel I already had and since I didn't have to make two nightgowns that suck up yardage I was able to make us some too!  I'm really pleased with them.  I used glitter puff paint to make a snowflake on mine- I wanted to do hubby and the boys but he informed me to leave them alone no one would wear them if I did.  MEN!  So theirs are boring red!

the Polkadot Chair


  1. I love your jammies!!! They are on my "to do" list each Christmas and I never get them done in time!! It's cute you made them for your hubby too!