Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First day of school!

Today is the first day of school for my kiddos.  I have two homeschooling this year, 7th and 1st and two in private school 3rd and 5th.  Now I know that's a bit unusual.  We homeschooled all the way through untiil my oldest was going into 5th.  By then my fifth baby was a year old and I was 5 months pregnant with number 6.  Little man was a TOUGH baby to put it kindly and I wasn't sure what baby #6 would be like.  So we sent my oldest  two to a private Mennonite school in the area for at least two years, then we'd decide what we wanted to do.  Baby #6 turned out being a piece of cake but my boys LOVED the school and we are extremely happy with it as well.  We sent our third son last year in 2nd grade and everyone did excellent.  I really missed them being home, but I didn't feel I could bring them home for my benefit, they were flourishing wonderfully at school.  A lot of my oldest son's friends went back to homeschooling so he asked if he could too.  I jumped at the opportunity to spend a year (or more hopefully) with my almost 13 year old!  So he's home with me and my oldest daughter as well.  Not sure on our plans for her- she's a huge social butterfly and would love the social aspect of school, but I love having her home as well.  We're taking it year by year.  Here's my babies on their first day of school.
Big Sister hard at work!

My six treasures

My boys off to school

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