Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ucreate's Create with Me bag

U Create

I finished my bag quite a while ago (in fact I made one of of fall fabrics for a gift that I forgot to photograph that turned out better!)  I had a hard time with the pleat the first time, since you normally don't make the pleat BEFORE you cut the fabric.  But I do love the fabric and the shape of the bag.  Mine is both narrower and shorter than the pattern do to my messing up the pleat, but I think it will be the perfect library bag this spring.  The pleat really dresses up the bag.  I think I'll add the bow at some point, I just needed to get more interfacing.  I still adore the fabric and have quite a bit left for another bag that strikes my fancy.  Go HERE for TONS more of these bag made during the U-create challenge

It's a little floppy to photograph

Love the pleat detail


  1. I love how it's turned out, Laurie. It's such pretty fabric. Even though you forewarned me about the pleat, my bag still ended up smaller than it was meant to.

  2. Hey,

    I followed the tute as well and also struggled with the pleating first thing but I love the colours you picked.. I'm making a second one this weeken and hoping it turns out better than my first but I'm choosing to leave the bow off as it's a gift for someone a little less girly than me.. that's what I liked about yours, given me a good idea of how it will look and I think the pleat alone is a great detail! Good work mate!