Thursday, September 8, 2011


My family and I are headed out to the ocean tomorrow at 5AM.  I absolutely can NOT wait- it is the highlight of my year.  So I will not be blogging for the 10 days I am gone, but I will be back- with pictures!  So feel free to browse my other posts and check back in a week or so!  Here is the vanimal (named by my hubby) that we will be taking.  With 6 kids it's hard to find a vehicle big enough for us all.  So we got a 12 passenger van so we can fit us all AND friends.  It's not as bad to drive as I originally thought, and it has (inside) back up sensors which are the BEST thing ever!  I'll never hit a tree or a fire hydrant or another vehicle again!!

The Vanimal

I also got cute little window stickers (which aren't showing up now!)

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