Monday, August 29, 2011

Christmas Jammies

Every year the kids get new jammies from the "elves" on Christmas Eve morning so everyone looks nice and neat on Christmas morning.  Most years I make them- the past two I've even made ones for me and my husband.  That's EIGHT pair of jammies on the sly (since some are young- keeping the magic alive)  I found some cute Grinch fleece at, but at $8- I'd need 15 yards- that is some pretty pricy jammies!  Plus I'd still need to buy the shirts- I only make the pants!  So I'm debating, but probably won't get it.  Here's last years jammies.  Yes our tree is ginormous!  I don't know what we were thinking, usually my husband or I is the voice of reason.  But not last year!!  We couldn't even get it on our van  to take it home!  Thankfully some kind firefighters were there getting a tree for their firehouse and took pity on us and drove it home on their utility truck!  Gotta love Smalltown, USA.

My eldest- so enthused by matching jammies!
Baby girl is not a fan of picture taking
I LOVE this picture of me being in the middle of the kids.

 And yes we DO look normal some of the time!

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