Friday, August 26, 2011

Yoga pants

I love yoga pants, both for exercise and sleeping.  They don't make them like they used to anymore- my brand new pair of capri ones from Old Navy (that I LOVED) are so faded and worn out after a few months.  So I bought some stretch cotton lycra twill from and went to work.  I bought from the clearance section so I ended up with three very vivid prints.  I started with a black and pink squares with pink flowers thrown around.  Looks cute up close- looks like a clown from a distance.  These will be strictly indoor pants for me, but my girlies are so cute they can get away with wearing them out in public.  I used an existing pair of yoga pants as a pattern.  Mine are plain, I added a foldover waist and lettuce edging at the hem for the girls.  I'm pleased with them.  For $6 I made three pairs and have some fabric left over.  Can't beat that anywhere!  Plus they were super quick- took less than an hour to do everything.  Here's the final results.  My 10 year old took the pictures so I'm trying to explain he has to PUSH the button to take the picture so I look odd in the pics, but that's ok.

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