Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ruffle Skirts

I've been sewing a bunch of dresses for the girls this summer (I'll slowly make my way through posting them in the next few weeks)  I've always loved the look of tiered ruffle skirts and my neighbor made adorable ones for her girls just by winging it a few years back, but I've never been brave enough.  So I came across THIS tutorial and it has a handy dandy calculator about half way down the page!  It took all the guess work out of how long and wide to cut the strips.  You type in the waist and how long you want the skirt and how many tiers you want it to have and it tells you how long/wide to cut each tier.  Love it!  I prefer fuller ruffles (with four boys I like my girls  to be SUPER girly!) so I'll probably fool around with the length of  the tiers to get fuller ruffles next time.  But the skirts turned out super cute.

                                                   Big Sister's skirt is ALL done.  Time for little sister!
                                             Big Brothers had to try to sneak in the pictures too!
                                           Little Sister is a HUGE ham lately.  she makes me laugh


  1. Very cute! I like that the length is a little longer. Makes it unique!

  2. I love ruffle skirts, also. I've just finished one tonight, but haven't taken photos yet. You've done a great job! Thanks for the link to the calculator!!!!!!