Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Matching PJ's

I LOVE making pajamas and nightgowns.  My kids are all outfitted in plenty of them.  This summer I noticed that big sister had a huge growth-spurt and her nightgowns were creeping up to mid-thigh!  So I found THIS blog that used stretch elastic to make a new and improved pillowcase  nightgown.  I didn't have any pillowcases I wanted to use, but I did have this fabric I ordered online and was  horribly disappointed in. (It was labeled as eyelet, but was just an eyelet design (POORLY) stamped on a washed out peachy/pink fabric)  It wasn't what I wanted but would be great for a nightgown.  Turned out wonderful!  I made big sister two and little sister one with a cute little ruffle at the bottom.  This will be my go to nightgown pattern from now on.

                                                                      Silly Girl!

                                                              Pretty little sis!
Clowning Around!

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